The exercise for dancers, athletes, and celebrities seeking that extra edge. Push your limits and defy gravity on world-class equipment masterfully designed to work your core. Take control of your future body now.

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Reform, transform, never conform. In this small class setting, muscles never know what’s coming as you utilize a wide variety of Pilates equipment. Each machine uses springs as resistance to create the long, lean muscles you've been seeking.


Core allure (MAT)

“The Core”: Bring your abs and prepare to barbecue them. “The Allure”: Your shrinking waistline. The Breathing Room’s twist on the Classical Pilates matwork includes a multitude of props and challenging moves that target your center.


Cardio (Equipment)

This class includes jumpboard work, springboard squatting, ball bouncing. The glutes and legs will be the most wobbly as you walk out the door. A must for the athlete in you.

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Sugar and spice (Equipment)

Address both sides of the exercise coin. 1 hour of advanced and challenging reformer work followed by 30 minutes of deep and restorative stretching. Walk away feeling tuned up and harmonized.


Balls to the Wall (mat)

A fun and challenging mat class where small and large stability balls create a whole new perspective on Pilates mat work.