Meghan, co-owner and native Cincinnatian, likes to think of her profession as art, saying that "art has always been why I get up in the morning." She wholeheartedly believes in the necessity and miracle of movement. After taking her first yoga class and being amazed by the transformative power of movement, she decided to become certified to teach yoga. A sophomore in college at the time, she didn't know how it would play out, but she wanted to learn everything she could about yoga.

"Strong body, strong mind" was her mantra throughout a particularly trying period of her life and she was amazed at the healing power of thought, movement, and intention. In 2005, she stumbled onto the Pilates reformer and it didn't take long before she wanted to learn everything she could about Pilates.

As a teacher, her sincerest hope is that movement affects her students' lives in any of the multitudinous positive ways it has affected hers. When she practices, she personally likes exploring the boundaries of her stamina and focus. Her goal in teaching is to guide her classes to explore these same things. Her classes tend to follow this trend - powerful, challenging, and, if you ask her husband, devastating. When she is not teaching, she fancies herself as an amateur dog whisperer, a junior psychologist and an aspiring anatomist. She loves drinking tea and dissecting the world with her varied friends and family.

Her qualifications include PMA Comprehensive Certification, National Yoga Alliance 200 HR RYT, National Yoga Alliance 500 HR RYT, Pilates Mat and Reformer certification and Ellie Herman Reformer and Springboard Certification