Logan started her wellness journey at the Asheville Yoga Center in NC in 2007.  She has been teaching Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga ever since.  After a jaunt across the country to study Ayurveda in Albuquerque NM, she moved back to Cincinnati in 2010 and found The Breathing Room. Under the instruction of Meghan Arata, she added Balanced Body Reformer Pilates to her repertoire in 2011.  Founder of Flourish Ayurveda, a holistic coaching business located inside The Breathing Room, Logan enjoys mixing her passion for Yoga, Pilates, and Ayurveda to help people find balance in their lives.  

Her Reformer classes are challenging but also appropriate for all levels.  She emphasizes slow and deep breathing for more core connection and always throws in some creative stretching.  She knows her students by name, enjoys sharing little stories during her classes, and reminds people to smile even in the last ten seconds of the hundred.

Her Yin class is the perfect balance for any Pilates goer or person looking for a pause- she offers a quiet space for deep stretching, meditation, and lots of hands-on adjustments.

Logan is a Cincinnati native, mama bear of two adorable children, and partner of Jonas Armstrong (founder of Cincy Home Chef- an in-home personal chef business).  

For more information on Logan’s Ayurveda Practice, please visit www.FlourishAyurveda.com