Johanna's experience with Pilates began in 2003. She recalls wondering, "what is neutral spine, and will I ever find it?" However, with patience and much hard work, Johanna began to make those mind body connections and slowly but surely, her practice evolved. Happily, she continues to be inspired fourteen years after her first time on the reformer. "Pilates has changed my life. I stand and walk taller, and have increased my overall strength. Most importantly, it has improved my self-confidence and altered the way I view the world around me."

Once she made the decision to pursue teaching, there was no question she wanted to learn from Meghan at The Breathing Room. In the Spring of 2014, Johanna completed the Breathing Room teacher training program and earned her certificate from the Pilates Method Alliance. Additionally, she earned further certifications in CoreAlign and the Cadillac, and has trained with one of the industry's best instructors, Courtney Miller. 

In preparing her choreography, Johanna strives for a safe and effective class that flows from one exercise to another seamlessly. Her music choices often takes center stage in her class and serve to inspire the teacher and students alike. "Music is so important in setting the mood in my class. It's more than just teaching exercise. My goal is to inspire and elevate my students' mind, body,
and spirit"

Johanna received her undergraduate degree in accounting from Hillsdale College and during her first career earned her MBA from Xavier. She credits her stylish teaching accessories from years of working at Saks Fifth Avenue. If you ask her, she admits she is multitalented due to her unique experiences. "I can do your taxes, sell you a piece of jewelry and do a plank simultaneously."

Last but certainly not least, Johanna shares that her greatest accomplishment has been meeting her husband Kevin, and of course, having their two children, John and Leigh. She hopes her aspiring little ones can hold a plank one day as well as their Mom.


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