Tune up your spirit as you tone up your muscles. Mix movement, breathwork and stretching to find your inner calm.


"Yin" poses are passively held for a longer period (up to 5 minutes) to slowly stretch your tightest areas and safely open up joint tissue.  Yin is the counterbalance to more rigorous cardio or strength-training activity.  Yin style yoga promotes circulation in the body, joint health, and most importantly, an open flow of energy. 


Restorative yoga and Reiki Healing. Find relief from the effects of chronic stress.  Poses (the majority of them being seated or reclined) are held passively for longer periods of time while utilizing props to allow the body to truly relax, open up, and feel supported in deeper stretches.  

Mindful Morning

The morning rituals we choose for ourselves set the tone for the types of days we end up having. By actively deciding to start your day with complete mindfulness, you will gain the tools to regulate your energy and emotions, position yourself to have more successful interactions with the people you encounter, and gift yourself the ability to feel strong, comfortable and capable in your body.

Body Prayer

This class is an unapologetically spiritual vinyasa flow class. Our focus is on the power of embodying that which we seek to become.  The cadence is smooth and dynamic.  Each breath, each movement, each moment is sacred. To be embodied is a great gift.