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Prenatal Pilates Mat 6 week series

Prenatal Pilates is a great way for expectant mothers to safely stay in shape, as it increases body awareness, addresses the pelvic floor, core connection, breath work, develops functional strength, opens tight hips and can alleviate common low back pain.

This series was developed by Hadley Corpus, a Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Breathing Room Pilates + Yoga Instructor. This series focuses on the specific changes associated with pregnancy and is taught in a progression. No experience necessary!

Each Prenatal Pilates mat class has multiple benefits:

* Fitness (strengthening the right muscle groups to stay toned or get fit)

* Therapeutic (targets ache and pains like sciatica, back pain, and relaxes the mind and body with deep breathing and mindful stretching)

* Function (prepares the body for labor and delivery)

Please note series policy:

* This is a 6-week specialized series.

* Series are separate from point bundles/packages

* No drop-ins permitted, to participate you must register for full series.

* Refund is available if series is cancelled 24 hours before start of first class

* These classes are for pregnant women only, no children please.

$99 for 6 Weeks.
Space is limited to ensure personalized attention during the class, sign up today to secure your spot!


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Hip and Low Back Workshop

On Monday, October 28th at 6 pm Dr. Alexis from Absolute Kinetics Physical Therapy will be presenting a Hip and Low Back Workshop at The Breathing Room. This workshop will cover self assessment and treatment techniques for the hips and low back, and will be beneficial for any one who has experienced chronic hip and low back pain or tightness, or for those who want to improve their mobility to get the most out of their exercise routine.

Workshop is $10. Limited spots are available.