Meredith Hogan, is a yogini, singer, dancer and shaman. A humble and constant student of life, Meredith was born with an understanding that at the core of human existence, we are all sound and light. She was dancing and singing from the first moment and has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years. Her yogic life began when a physical injury met emotional heart break.The longing to heal and to thrive gave her the humility and thirst for the spiritual medicine that is the quenching nectar of practice. After an Afro-Brazilian dance immersion in Salvador Brazil, she recognized that the most joyous culture she had ever tasted had once been the most repressed and abused. A place where slavery and violence reigned for more than 200 years had become a place of constant drumming, dancing and play. Honoring and stoking the inextinguishable flame of the spirit and the medicine of movement and earth based practices became her world. Meredith has studied intensively with world renowned yogini Ana Forest and continues to study with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Guru Singh, Lucia Horan, Vinn Arjuna Marti, Alberto Villoldo, Marcella Lobos and many more than can be named here. She has been and continues to be inspired by the dancing path ,the Sri Vidya lineage of Tantra, and the sacred practices of the medicine men and women of this earth. Meredith currently lives and teaches in Cincinnati and leads retreats locally and internationally. She released her debut album, SATURN RETURNS with her band GOODBYE GEMINI (availanble on itunes and spotify) in 2013 and a second mantra album (MANTRA UNLOCKED)with fellow yogini, Katie Silcox, the following year.  Meredith is a Four Winds Shaman and is dedicated to the path of healing. To stay connected with Mer please visit