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Logan began teaching yoga at The Breathing Room in 2011 and quickly became intrigued by the Pilates Reformer and Spring Board equipment. She studied for the next two years with Meghan Arata and Balanced Body. Now a comprehensively certified instructor, she enjoys making up new routines that focus on building stamina in a relaxed, centered environment. Expect her classes to be physically challenging, yet mentally relaxing, with a major emphasis on breath, creativity, and flow.

When Logan is not teaching she enjoys being an Ayurvedic Practitioner- she studied for two years under Dr. Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute in NM. She learned the most applicable ways to integrate the ancient science of Ayurveda into the modern day world. She draws from her five years as a yoga teacher and Pilates instructor to address physical blockages as well as mental stagnation. Her passion for food, cooking, and nutrition are woven through her recommendations; specializing in balancing emotional and physical life challenges through movement, breath, diet, herbs, lifestyle, and acceptance.

For more information on Logan’s Ayurveda Practice, please visit www.FlourishAyurveda.com