Lu found her path towards Pilates with a very altruistic goal: helping other people feel good and become stronger. She believes in the power the movement practice holds because she has witnessed Pilates create amazing results in her body, as well as her clients. Lu is a Balanced Body instructor, and continues to take trainings through that program to learn the various equipment in depth and expand her repertoire as an instructor. 

Although Lu spends a lot of her time in the studio teaching, she is also a Birth & Postpartum Doula, working with parents-to-be as they embark on the greatest journey in their lives. 

When Lu is not teaching or helping to bring new babies into the world, she loves to spend her time outdoors with her dogs Jericho and Ninti. They love to run the trails together, play, and explore the woods. She loves camping and taking trips to Red River Gorge. One other thing Lu is passionate about: health and organic, nutritious eating. "Food is medicine!!" she says, and Lu practices what she preaches because she does her best to live as organic and sustainable as possible. Perhaps you will run into her sometime at one of Cincinnati's Local Farmer's Markets! Lu's open spirit and optimistic nature are some of the many reasons she makes and excellent teacher and friend.