With her daughter in tow, Iza can teach Pilates, Yoga and tame tantrums that would make you quiver all while getting the family in bed by 9pm! In 2013 Iza completed her
200-hour RYT Yoga Certification and May 2014 marks the completion of her 450-hour Pilates certification! With these two certifications and motherhood in her arsenal, she offers
challenging, ever-changing classes that keep boredom at bay and your muscles constantly evolving. Her enthusiasm for all things movement leaves clients feeling inspired and

Though kind and polite, this mamacita can pack a punch! With movement, breath and intention as her tools she peddles fun, illuminating classes. She will spend the time to know your goals, preferences and only aims to serve her clients.

Iza attending the University of Cincinnati in the DAAP program for Fine Art and is truly an artistic soul with a keen eye for unique problem-solving. She loves to paint, sew, draw, do yoga, do Pilates, ride her bike, cook healthy cuisine and jam out with friends to her husband’s band, The Turkeys!

Pilates is her source of strength and will continue to be an evolution of classical moves with eclectic variations galore! Yoga is her source of centeredness and balance while Pilates gives her focus and intensity.