I found yoga after being introduced to its philosophy in an eastern religions class in college. After already having a regular meditation practice, I sought out ways of bringing mindful expression through the body. I explored tai chi and various forms of yoga for many years. It wasn’t until after a serious bicycle accident that I decided I would do a yoga teacher training. My initial training was in Ashtanga/Vinyasa and through this I found Yin Yoga and fell in love. Yin Yoga not only involves the body but it also requires a meditative mind – the best of both worlds. I began teaching Yin Yoga throughout the city and this brought me to Moksha (Modo) Yoga in 2012. Here, I was introduced to the amazing practice that is Modo. The therapeutic, mindful, and accessible approach to practice that Modo offers is the perfect antidote to a overly scheduled and hectic life. I was fortunate to attend Moksha/Modo training in the summer of 2014 and am honored to teach this wise practice. I consider myself a student first and continue to study and train with various yoga and meditation teachers around the country. Yoga isn’t just a hobby for me or something I do to stay healthy, it’s a lifestyle, a philosophy, and the most profound teacher that I could ever ask for. I dedicate my teaching and my practice to the teachers who came before me and to all beings everywhere. May we all realize our true nature – the profound and infinite peace that lies within. Om Shanti.