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Pilates Room

Before entering any of our group equipment classes, we first require you to complete our initial programs. In order to join our group Pilates equipment classes (RE:Form, Cardio or Sugar and Spice), we require you to first take our Initial Series. The Initial Series include four one-on-one private sessions with one of our highly trained instructors. We tailor each lesson to your unique capabilities and needs to make sure you will get the most out of class from the start. Flowing through reformer, chair and springboard, the 4 initial appointments will familiarize you with the equipment and prepare you for taking on some of the most challenging classes at The Breathing Room.

Our newest piece of equipment, the CoreAlign requires one private session before joining a group CoreAlign class. If you have previous experience of at least 30 classes at the Breathing Room on our Pilates Equipment, you are permitted to take group CoreAlign classes to the discretion to our instructors/management.

Why Pilates?

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Many ancient movement forms address the abdomen as an energy plexus of the body. Ch'i Kung masters refer to filling the dan tien while yogis speak of the power of flight resulting from uddiyanah bandha mastery.

Pilates is no different. The Pilates system is based upon fundamental movement principles that directly recruit the core, or "powerhouse" muscles of the body. The deliberate breath and movement techniques of Pilates harness the power dormant within our navel centers.

With consistent refinement of these principles, one learns to consciously control the core and extend its power to the rest of the body. Working to move with acute precision and awareness, the muscles act cooperatively to perform movements rather than relying on the big bulky muscles to do all the work. Every movement becomes a seamless effort of the body as a whole.

In short, Pilates develops total body integration. Soon, your body will become one long and lean machine, moving with efficiency and grace.

Still Interested?

What is CoreAlign?

Part cardio, part strength training, part Pilates and part coordination, it is a mix of exercises that you must experience for yourself, and resistance unlike anything you have felt before. This full body experience will transform every part of you.

While the CoreAlign’s roots are in physical therapy, pro athletes quickly noticed it gave them an added edge. While participating in sports like wind surfing, skiing and rock climbing, extreme athletes used CoreAlign to condition their bodies to remain stable, strong, and controlled .

Imagine a session with Spiderman’s personal trainer. Thrill seekers, workout connoisseurs and superheros alike---they are ALL in love with the CoreAlign and the benefits it provides!

Why Yoga?

Yoga Room

Yoga is 10% theory and 90% practice
-Pattabhi Jois

Yoga is an ancient healing system that combines breathwork with movement to create an incomparable mindbody experience.

Yogis flatly state that breathwork achieves mastery over the body and grants access to the spirit. This deep breath awareness combined with physically challenging asanas(postures) cleanse debris from both the mind and body. This cleansing allows our true selves to glow brightly as when a filament shines forth with light.

Modern research is finally validating what yogis have long known - yoga reduces stress and high blood pressure while boosting immunity and stamina(yip yip!). And yes, if you are looking for a yoga butt, you will find it, but there are many other enlightenment gems studding the path as well.

There are many different styles of yoga as there are many different styles of humans. Try many and find what works for you!