Pilates Room at The Breathing Room

reformer | springboards | props

Re: Form

Revolutionize Your Body

That’s the name of the game. Reform, transform, never conform. In this small class setting, muscles never know what’s coming as you switch from reformer, chair, springboard or jumpboard. Each machine uses springs as resistance to create those long, lean "dancer-like" bodies that vibe and bounce around whether you are picking up kids at soccer, running that ultra-marathon or lowering your golf handicap.

Cost: 2 points

reformer | springboard | jumpboard | props

Cardio Pilates

Jump Around!

In this challenging class, you will move at a brisk pace through dynamic flow using the Pilates Equipment and a variety of props. The Jumpboard is the star of this class, allowing you to work your center and your heart! Jumping to upbeat music and feeling the thrill of "fly-time" as if you are on a trampoline make this class as fun as it is stimulating.

Cost: 2 points

reformer | springboard | mat

Sugar and Spice

And Everything Nice

This class is just what the doctor ordered: 60 minutes of a intense RE:Form class (the spice), followed with a deeply rewarding stretch session focused in the form of Yin Yoga (the sugar).

Cost: 2 points

corealign | springboard


Watch Out, Green Goblin!

Imagine a session with Spiderman’s personal trainer. If you have ever wanted to scale walls, this is step 1. This machine was the brainchild of a skating, windsurfing physical therapist who could never find a rehab machine that works muscles as well as unpredictable waves beneath you. Part cardio. Part strength training. Part Pilates. Every part of you will get worked.

Cost: 2 points

barre | mat

Booty Everywhere

Barre With Flair

This innovative interval-style class is a combination of intense ballet-inspired movement coupled with powerful Pilates exercises. You will carve thighs and booty, to create sleek, tapered legs and a firm, lifted bum.

Cost: 1 point

springboard | mat

Core Allure

Toned Tummy Temptation

"The Core": Bring your abs and prepare to barbecue them.
"The Allure": Your abs after 6 weeks regular attendance.
The Breathing Room’s twist on the Classical Pilates matwork includes a multitude of props, challenging moves targeting your center.

Cost: 1 point



Complete Your Conciousness

Develop your practice of meditation in motion with our highly qualified Breathing Room Yoga instructors. By offering both Yin/Restorative yoga, as well as a Yang/Flow, we’re able to address both sides of the yogic coin. Let us help you breathe life into your practice by bringing you back to your center.

Cost: 1 point


Long Lean Lines

TBR Spotlight Class!

In this featured Spotlight class by Jen Jura, you will experience the true definition of total body tone. Utilizing lighter weight, the Pilates ring and you own body's resistance, You will find length and strength in some of your most troubled areas. In 60 minutes you will transform your body to carve out the small toning muscles through high repetitions and controlled movement.

Cost: 1 point